Shahid Cadet Academy Mirpur

Shahid Cadet Academy Mirpur

Message From Managing Director

Bangladesh, our dearest homeland, it`s a little nation in territory however our weight with its populace. In the event that this extensive populace can be changed into human asset, it`s conceivable to make our property as a brilliant nation. Be that as it may, how is if conceivable? It`s answer is just a single – to make training for all. Without appropriate instruction no individual even a state can thrive. I myself battled hard in my childhood and youth that has presented to me the achievement. Barak Obama, an individual from a standard group of Kaniya. Who is currently the leader of America. Abraham Linkon, Jorge Washington all were the individual from ordinary family. There are respectable people are on the planet who battled first to make themselves training lastly ended up noticeably extraordinary one with their awesome administrations. In our nation , there are numerous families having splendid/commendable youngsters yet can`t raised them with appropriate carte in view of absence of education and money related issue.

 Accordingly immense offer reasonable kids are stopped from the beginning. I felt the pain of these families profoundly that bound me to build up to “Shahid cadet Academy” keeping in mind the end goal to (with a view to) hand the youthful era over the correct way. I am confident that it is conceivable to maritime the value of the understudies with my awesome endeavor, incredible administration of persevering instructors, the extraordinary tilts of understudies and the over all help of the gatekeepers. As result, The nation will accomplish great subjects and edify individuals. I additionally trust, these illuminate individuals. I additionally trust, these enlighted individuals will be the light conveyor to others nations of the world moreover. May all-powerful Allah favor us.

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House#9/4, (Boy’s),Len#1, Block#B, Mirpur-6, Dhaka-1216  (Opposite side of PROSHIKA)